Customer Reviews

Mike M.

We had a big car accident and was worried that it would't look like how it used to look but after the car repair it was like it just came out of the dealer and after all that it had amazing complimentary deatail I highly reccomend you to go if you had any accident and I T an awsome service.

Natalie G.

Benji and Gus did such an amazing job fixing my Toyota RAV4. Once I made the claim with my insurance I was able to drop off the car and they began working on it. They were able to keep me posted with the process and send me pictures. When the car was ready, it looked good as new and they even washed it. Satisfied with the whole process

Norma L.

I've been here 3 times, Yes, 3 times every year co'z I had my 2 daughters under my insurance & each of us got accident, maybe it's in the blood ūüôā kidding aside, Benjie is as always; gave an excellent performance on taking care of my cars to the single detail of repairs. ¬†So much that after my first accident, I can always call on him regarding car issues. ¬†He became my consultant and a friend and so glad that I've got the opportunity to meet him. ¬†To Benjie; his assistant & workers; Customer service is at its BEST. ¬†Thumbs up to All of you guys...

Susana M.

The best place to get your car fixed after an accident.  Benjie kept me informed of all the progress,  they worked fast and he himself delivered my car to my job... all the way downtown la.... you guys are awesome

Eddie F.

My car has had unfortunate mishaps over the 6 years of me owning it. Most people would give up and sell the car esp one who's parts aren't very much on the cheap side. I've had my car worked on by Benji and his shop approx 3/4 times and each time I get my car back like it was brand new. Just recently got 2010 Evo back from front bumper damage from an oncoming tire frag on the fwy and a roof repaint (from vinyl wrapping damage left over 5+ years... Don't ever do that btw). I can't even tell you how happy I was to have him work on it. Every imperfection was perfectly cleared away. For an auto enthusiast, I'm very particular to the work done on my car. And it's almost like he built the car himself and sells them to the dealerships. From one perfectionist to another he understands quality. If you care for your car and the hands it's in. Send it to Benji

Jhovani S.

This guys were extremely profesionals and their work is at premium quality. They repaired my 2012 Toyota Camry SE like if it was brand new. My car needed to be repainted as it got vandalized by trouble makers and SCV Autohauls made me a happy camper.

Will recommend and definitely go back if needed.

Kevin D.

SCV Autohaus has been my go to body shop for years now. Benji has the best service and is always in contact with me keeping me updated with how my car is doing. I recently had a hit and run on my estoril blue 435i BMW and he was able to color match the bumper perfectly. Keep note that this is not your average blue that you see on the street so it's difficult to match it the way they did. Once again great service!